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  1. MM? what is that you's a Mablethorpe Masterpiece!

    well the beginnings of one anyway. This is looking south from Mablethorpe south prom' towards Sutton on Sea, and you will be able to see the Skeggy windfarm when I put it in.

  2. Getting close to the point where I start painting again, maybe have a go at this, a pic' I took the other day whist walking along the front, the sun lit up some of the beach and the block of flats. with a dark mass of clouds directly behind, made for a nice pic. Taken with my iphone6.

  3. Otto of MablethorpeIt is great walking along the seafront and the beach, meeting lots of folk, mainly through their dogs, what about this fellow:-


    His name is Otto he is a three year old Great Dane, a rescue dog, he had 7 homes in the first 2 yrs of his life, shocking!

    He is ok now though, as his new owner is not letting him go anywhere.

    Bambi didn't have to bend down to stroke him LOL.

  4. Finally made the move to Mablethorpe, what an absolute nightmare selling our bungalow in Spalding, we were very close to pulling out, pleased we didn't.

    We are enjoying a different lifestyle here in our beach hut!   blessed with good neighbors (as we were in Spalding). Close to the beach where we go for walks 2 or three times a week.

    Will add some pics later today I hope (got a new fire arriving so have to fit that in the living room).


    the beach hut