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  1. Getting close to the point where I start painting again, maybe have a go at this, a pic' I took the other day whist walking along the front, the sun lit up some of the beach and the block of flats. with a dark mass of clouds directly behind, made for a nice pic. Taken with my iphone6.

  2. Otto of MablethorpeIt is great walking along the seafront and the beach, meeting lots of folk, mainly through their dogs, what about this fellow:-


    His name is Otto he is a three year old Great Dane, a rescue dog, he had 7 homes in the first 2 yrs of his life, shocking!

    He is ok now though, as his new owner is not letting him go anywhere.

    Bambi didn't have to bend down to stroke him LOL.

  3. Finally made the move to Mablethorpe, what an absolute nightmare selling our bungalow in Spalding, we were very close to pulling out, pleased we didn't.

    We are enjoying a different lifestyle here in our beach hut!   blessed with good neighbors (as we were in Spalding). Close to the beach where we go for walks 2 or three times a week.

    Will add some pics later today I hope (got a new fire arriving so have to fit that in the living room).


    the beach hut

  4. Off to inspect Mablethorpe today as a possible retirement destination, as Bambi (the wife) suffers from some kind of allergy brought on by living in a rural farming area. Whilst on Holiday on the Isle of Wight the allergy symptoms dissapeared totally, so it would appear that the sea air may be beneficial. will report on the findings tomorrow.

  5. CRICKET BLAH. Can you believe the cheating Indian cricketers,  Jadega said "he pushed me" ooh dear! with that tried and succeeded in upsetting the England team particularly Jimmy Anderson who went from hero to zero, to the point they lost the test. Have they ever seen a game of rugby, they would all be in tears in two seconds..  wimps.

  6. This watercolour of his daughter Emma by Trev up to his usual brilliant standards. I study art and artists for hours every day and I have only seen a couple of watercolour portrait artist that come close to Trevor, and I am talking worldwide!! I know that art is very subjective and this is my opinion.

    emma by trev

     Watercolour Approx' 11x8 inches

    Watercolour par excellence!!!



    You only have to look at this,



     My opinion again but I think this is the best watercolour painting of a dog  I have ever seen. This painting has captured the character and soul of Trevors dog Millie. This is Fabulous.

  7. Funny title? not really, the tour de France is on at the moment, and you can only wonder at the stamina and bravery of these sportsmen 5/6/7 hrs non stop effort, brutal hill climbing dangerous highspeed descents (on tyres only a few millimetres wide) and very nasty falls,  makes your average footballers look like wimps, a quote from one of the commentators "footballers pretend to be injured, cyclists pretend not to be" mind you that can be said of rugby players as well, totally different culture and ethics. 


    All this reminds me of a very special friend: Graham click here  (Biggles) and   here  for another view!! around the year 2000 he was living in Amersham Bucks and one friday he got on his bike and cycled to Holbeach,(about a hundred and ten miles) well actually Hovenden House golf club, took him about 7hrs and then played a round of golf with me....f#####g incredible!! by the way he is a rugby player........say no more!!

  8. A Jolly good day was had by all (except the England team). On the way in to the ground, walked across the road with Michael Vaughan, former England captain, panicked to get my iphone out to get a selfie, by the time I was ready he was gone, shit!!!

    A very hot day, not a cloud in the sky, funny thing was only a few miles east to Spalding the weather was wet most of the day,(the sun shines on the righteous) so why it was shining on me I really don't know. 

    A group of people behind us were getting a bit vociferous (very actually) and annoying a few of the patrons around us, didn't really bother me that much, but eventually someone had had enough and said "why don't you lot shut  up and let us enjoy the cricket" I thought great, should be a bit of excitement here...nothing! they actually shut  up. The next thing I know they were being thrown out by the heavy mob and being interviewed on the street by the local constabulary haha.

  9. Going to Trent Bridge tomorrow (thursday 10th July) to watch England play India at cricket, hope the rain keeps away, and hope the ball swings a bit so we can get a few wickets..for we are struggling a bit, against some pretty good India batting. Unlucky for Chris Froome today in the Tour de France, 2 falls and out of it.