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  1. Yet another Willow tree fen pic', well, the fact that is it is a bit of an oasis around  here and I love the place, it is so peaceful,  (when I am not there) reference to the ignorant sod who ignored me, and wasn't very happy after I had confronted him about it, (he would have been even less happy if his wife hadn't  been there).

    willow tree fen 10x8

    This is looking West along the track that runs along the back edge of the sanctuary adjacent to the river Glen.

    I am definitely happy with this one and it is not destined for the dustbin, well not mine anyway.

    Oils 10x8 inches. Using only black, white, cad yellow light, french ultramarine and naples yellow. Please don't worry about what the so called experts say about using black in a painting, the fact is it makes the best greens that appear in the more subtle and subdued landscapes in the northern hemisphere.

    This is the photograph I painted the picture from. I would much rather have painted this "en plein air" but that is more difficult to do (for me anyway), and I am still trying to get it right, you will be the first to see a succesful "en plein air" from my easel!!


  2. Today I cycled to Willow Tree fen to take a few pic's:-



    Fantastic views in the woodland trail, looks like the inside of a cathedral (thanks Dave) this walk is truly uplifting, and this view is created deliberately by the team for an experience not to be forgotten.  


    This view is looking west from near the bottom car park where a nice park bench type seat has been placed.



    You can see from this shot the tremendous amount of work that has been put by the team at Willow tree fen, some of whom are unpaid volunteers (one of them is my brother-in-law Ivan Crawford from Bourne), and put in a couple of days a week on a regular basis.



    Well worth a visit (and take your painting/sketching gear or camera).

  3. very loose 10x8

    Painted this tonight, the idea came from Richard Robinson a very good impressionist painter from New Zealand, 10x8" oils (what else?) I am quite pleased with this, only used 4 colours:- white, green umber, naples yellow and cadmium yellow

    Went down to Willow tree fen today to take some pic's and get some more inspiration for Plein air painting (sorry Trev)! haha


    Willow tree fen "en plein air"  Oils 16"x12"

    Image removed because it offended my artistic senses!!

    My first real attempt at a "plein air" painting, painted at Willow Tree Fen wildlife reserve. Not particularly pleased with the painting only in the sense that it was a first effort, a bit of work done in the studio to finish it. This is the first of many I hope, and it really  is very satisfying and theraputic to do.UPDATE:- This one is now in the dustbin!!!!



    This was my viewpoint and my painting set up, and you can see it was a glorious day as a bonus. This being a 16"x12" painting means that the painting set up is relatively large and as such can only be transported in the car, as i would like to combine the painting with cycling I have made a smaller setup that can be packed in a back pack(including lunch etc).

    And here it is:-


    This rig is for 10"x8" paintings so from now on all my plein air paintings will be this size.

  5. Hi everybody, met up with a past member of the Monday art group on friday night(6/6/2014), at the kitchen restaurant in Springfields. Peter Power came down from Keswick with his daughter and a good time was had by all, Peter is looking well and was his usual cheeky self, and Harold  also his usual cheeky self!!!!!


    I have put on a pic which I painted at the art group last monday from a pic from a magazine given to me by Richard.


    I enjoyed doing this pic as it was done in a short while with no consideration to  detail......just slap on the paint and hope for the best.


    I hope to be going to the group meeting tomorrow morning, I have spoken to Trevor and if all is well he will be there also.

  6. Hi everybody just got home from art class and had the most devastating news you could imagine.. my very good friend's wife has just taken her own life, not for the normal selfish reasons of suicide, she was very ill with a life threatening health problem, she was a lovely person.   To say the least I am absolutely gutted, and it may take a while for me to get back on track with the website, please bear with me.

  7. I spoke to Trevor yesterday and he has got his oils out again, and also I am hoping he will be coming back to the class soon.


    Yet another view of Willow tree fen, this really isn't about Willow tree fen, at the moment it is more about my return to painting and the style of painting I am trying to produce, which is a loose kind of painting, as I said before it is very difficult to produce visually stimulating paintings in a loose style, far easier to produce realistic pic's. I want to get even looser than this but still retain a content that means something, as opposed to random daubs that mean nothing, not even to the artist!! Oh yes it means something to the pretentious art critics who can talk for hours about dribbles of paint...haha morons!!


  8. This is an oil sketch 10x8 done quickly, and looser than my normal type of painting, this approach gives me far more satisfaction than the realistic approach, because it is (for me) much harder to achieve a reasonable looking picture. I hope I have got somewhere near how I want to paint all the time.

    The picture is not taken from a photograph it is taken from memory of the spot near where the first painting was done.