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  1. transcending the unconscious

    "Transcending the Unconscious"........What a load of Oblocks........

    Another procreate creation. Liking it more all the time, getting to learn more about it.

    I have recently discovered that the only way to get recognised as an artist is to give your painting a fucking stupid title that has no relevance to the content. I should really say that that applies to less talented artists like myself, as real talent usually brings it's own rewards, but if all you can do is blobs and dribs then a seriously stupid and totally meaningless title seems to work...

  2. Here is a slightly reworked version of the first procreate pic. Lightened the highlights and lightened the overall pic, and put in some darks around the base of the trees on the lefthand side.



    This is the original, spot the difference. To be honest not sure which one I like the best.


    My first serious attempt at a pic in Procreate which is a fantastic program (app for the young ones) for the ipad.






    And here is Trev's first go on Procreate, going a bit Banksy? Trev!!

  4. I have for now decided to hang up my brushes and paints for the new (for me that is) and exciting  digital art. the following pics are all examples of digital art. using my own photos and a photo manipulation software.

    I will also be posting pictures produced in a program(app in the modern idiot sorry idiom)  called Procreate on my ipad 3.


    River Welland Spalding

    Spalding railway station.

    Spalding railway station platform 2.

  5. 10x8 oils

    This is my latest attempt at a knife painting, I have the feeling that it is gradually coming together, a bit rough around the edges (literally) but overall I am happy with it. I am going to do a brush painting of this scene, which by the way is taken from a photo I took this morning(Mon 1st June 2015)..the painting was done 90%knife 5% finger and 5% brush.


    Here are the knives I use:- the  top one is a knife that is becoming very poular, because it can be used for curved edges and laying on very broken colour,

    the next one down is a detail knife and...

    the bottom one is a vintage George Rowney knife I am pretty sure it is a very rare item as I cannot find another one like it,  it has a beautiful feel to it which the modern knives do not have