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  1. mnt santubong

    This is a Photo I took in 1965 of Mount Santubong in Borneo Nr to the capital of Kuching, the picture was taken from Bako beach the mountain is about 8 miles across a bay on the South China Sea. I was stationed at Raf Kuching as an airframe fitter on Whirlwind Mk10's. 

    I also flew many missions as a crewman ie winchman/gunner/loadmaster, mostly the job was to make sure the chopper didn't get overloaded and become difficult to fly..(okay taking off when you are overloaded, the problem comes when you are descending and find out you are too heavy....difficult to stop!!!)

    This was a recreational trip to the beach. We went there in the morning by a very fast motor boat and came back even faster as the squadron sent out a chopper to pick us up at around 4pm. Fabulous Day!!

    Raf Kuching 103sqdn

     And here is one of the Whirlwind Mk 10's of 103 sqdn on the pan at Raf Kuching. The chopper you see on the right is a Belvedere twin rotor of 66 Sqdn.




    mt santubong 

    Now here is a painting I done of the same view, but the reference pic was taken  quite recently.

    This was created using Procreate and photoshop

  2. procreate digital art

    Yet another procreation. took a picture out of my kitchen window towards the sea then added a few bits and pieces, like changed the sky near the horizon, put in the water(the pic had my neighbours shed in it and some trees) and the navigation beacon and the rocks all from imagination.

  3. hdr mablethorpe

    Picture taken with my new (secondhand) panasonic G1 in auto bracket mode 7 images at different expsures then merged in Fotomatix using a fairly mild mix, can be really creative here and put up some very strong images.

    hdr mab 2

    Here is another version using same pics but different strength merge.


    This is a single pic at normal exposure.