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  1. "Kinife painting? "you say! Yep it sure is, Harley Crossley is the artists name, every speck of paint was put on this canvas with a knife.....'kin incredible I say.

    I have long been an admirer of knife painting and have known of Harley Crossley for about 8yrs now, unfortunately this uniquely talented man Has left us R.I.P. Harley.



    Yet another amazing knife painting, this time by Paul Rupert a Canadian artist, also sadly passed away. R.I.P.Paul.

    I am not sure I really want to take up knife painting now....

    But I am going to keep trying to improve not that I would expect to reach the skill level of the aforementioned artists.



     12x10 oils

    This is my latest attempt at a knife painting, I personally think it is a step in the right direction, certainly better than my previous attempts, got to be honest and say that this is maybe 80% knife the rest is brush and a little finger painting.

    This is not finished yet I have at least 3 lamp posts to put in. (Thank god for that said the dog looking at the pic)haha.


  2. Just trying something different, I really want to paint very loose but it is more dificult than painting realistically, so in the meantime I am going to go with realism, well I think so anyway!!

    This is the first stage of a nice composition I saw on the internet, it won't be an exact copy 'cause that wouldn't be fair on the original artist (Jerry Yarnell)

  3.  We had planned to go to the Clock chippy on Sat evening with our friend from Wisbech but due to unforeseen cicumstances they were closed. Oh well we'll take a walk into town and try the other recommended fish and chip restaurant  called Salty's, and we are pleased we did as it was as good as the Clock, to be fair if I was to choose a winner I couldn't because they are both very good. will put in a picture of Salty's when I take one.  


  4. Went for a walk with Bambi to the beach at high tide (Fri 20th March 18:07hrs)

    This is what we saw:-

    A beautifullly calm evening, hardly a soul on the beach. 

    After we had looked at the scene and drank in the ambience we walked back towards the town and decided to call into the Clock Fish and Chip restaurant..GOOD MOVE!....... we have been fairly disappointed with the eating establishments(we haven't tried them all by a long way) but this restaurant had a sign out side which said "award winning" restaurant.....

                                                                                                               You can see why...the place is absolutely spotless, and the fish was cooked to perfection ie lovely light crispy batter, and the service was spot on very friendly and efficient, needless to say we will be returning hopefully many times and when family and friends come to visit we know where to go and not be disappointed.