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En Plein air

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Willow tree fen "en plein air"  Oils 16"x12"

Image removed because it offended my artistic senses!!

My first real attempt at a "plein air" painting, painted at Willow Tree Fen wildlife reserve. Not particularly pleased with the painting only in the sense that it was a first effort, a bit of work done in the studio to finish it. This is the first of many I hope, and it really  is very satisfying and theraputic to do.UPDATE:- This one is now in the dustbin!!!!



This was my viewpoint and my painting set up, and you can see it was a glorious day as a bonus. This being a 16"x12" painting means that the painting set up is relatively large and as such can only be transported in the car, as i would like to combine the painting with cycling I have made a smaller setup that can be packed in a back pack(including lunch etc).

And here it is:-


This rig is for 10"x8" paintings so from now on all my plein air paintings will be this size.

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