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Sorry for yesterday's blog as I was in a hurry to get something in and get it online.

Now to start from the beginning.

Last year before my performance in an operating theatre, I discovered by perusing the internet through google images a painting by an artist called Dennis Sheehan, consequently  I went to his you tube channel.

I was very impressed with his style and method, knowing nothing at that stage of the tonalist movement, although I had seen plenty of paintings of that ilk ie the Hudson river school of artists.

Even though their artwork was outstanding it did not appeal to me to paint in that fashion.


Skip forward 18 months to rediscovering Dennis Sheehan and starting to appreciate the art he was producing which was the same dark and muted tones and moody skies that the Hudson River artists used but in a very loose and modern manner.

Then through my constant search for more information and inspiration I came across THIS  This is the you tube channel for M Francis McCarthy an outstanding and prolific artist and THIS  is his website if you want to see the most beautiful paintings being produced go there.

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