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I think I am on the way back.

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I have had a horrendous time since the last post(that sounds bad) I had so much pain I had to resort to TRAMADOL believe me if you ever get severe pain and the doc prescribes TRAMADOL don't take it!!! I was on the maximum dose allowed for about 10 days and then the pain went, so I stopped taking it....BAD IDEA....

I, without knowing the reason why(at that time), it is a mind bending opiate (Heroin), went into severe anxiety, agitation, impending doom, and any other fucking symptom of mental problems you can think of.Forgot despair!!

It has taken at least 7 days to get over it, by taking the correct stopping procedure, which by the way not one person ie the doctor or pharmacist or any one else told me about!!

Touch wood, I am finally feeling better as of this time 10:10 Thusday morning.

So now on to less doom filled news.

This morning on checking my twitter acc I came across a tweet by St Cuthberts Mill, which is the home of the Saunders Waterford, Bockingford and other papers maker.

This is the website of one of the most exciting painters I have discovered for sometime, HERE Check out his work.

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