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  1. Thanks to a handful of watercolourists I have had the inspiration to start watercolours again, these artists are Jem Bowden, Edo Hanemma, John Haywood and John Dee Harrison. None of whom I would ever be able to aspire to their levels but can only try.

    This one is based on my meanderings through Willow tree fen Spalding.

    Willow tree Fen

    Painted on Saunders Waterford 300lbs Rough 14"x10" Painted hopefully in the style of Edo Hannema who in my opinion is a great dutch watercolourist. thank you Edo for your youtube tutorial/demo's.



    Up the Creek

    Painted for the SAA competition "Artists photo, Your painting"

    Painted on Bockingford NOT 250lbs  9"x7"



  2. Mablethorpe park Autumn (2)

    This was painted entirely with a knife. Taken from a pcture from my iPhone in the local park in Mablethorpe.

    To all you modern art crap lovers/experts out there, you may not like this painting but you can't ridicule it. Like I can 99% of modern rubbish.

    More to the point is, the experts in the modern art field are actually not experts.. for the simple reason there is nothing to be expert about.



    "The Emotive power of a Cotton Bud"  10"x8" oils  £2,000,000 or near offer.

    This stunning work of art deserves an explanation:-

     I felt the juxtaposition of the sublime etherealism against the powerful earthly emotion emanating from this piece of art(sic) was truly overwhelming....

    If you believe that load of old bollocks then please send me your bank details.

    And then head off to a neurologist to see if he can find a brain cell.... hahahahahaha








    This is an 8x10 painting of a google street view in Rupt Aux Nonains France, looking west from the bridge

    It is legal to use Google street view images for paintings. In fact there is a dedicated website that has painting Google street view images as its sole purpose. I suggest that if you intend to go down that route then go to their site and read the rules.


    It is called The Virtual Paintout, click here.

  5. Very pleased to announce my picture "Contre Jour" was chosen for publication in the Society for All Artists Magazine "Paint" January 2018 issue. 


    Oils mainly by palette knife on canvas board 8"x10"

    Got to say I am not that pleased with this painting, but obviously someone was happy with it, enough to choose it from a large entry of paintings.

    Talking to Ralph my old mate from the Royal airforce and latterly Harold's group. He told me that Harold is 99yrs old and still driving to the art group, fantastic!