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    Jo Cox was killed by a scumbag terrorist called Thomas Mair, as all terrorists are he was a coward, to shoot a defenceless woman and then stab her, and then be proud of it is beyond comprehension for normal people! Or is it? he was following  twisted right wing ideology which is more rife than the government would have us believe. Who needs ISIS when you have homegrown terrorists. 

    I served my country for 9 years, I came under fire twice, and I have a medal for active service. BRITAIN FIRST are calling me a traitor and should be hanged for wishing to remain in the EU. They are the true traitors!!!

  2. Wetherfukawi

    "Wetherfukawi" This watercolour is based on the traditional art of the Central African Wetherfukawi tribe. They are a pygmy like tribe of an average height of 3 feet, and they live in an area of 6 feet tall grass, and their name comes from the cry that can be heard for miles..... WETHERFUKAWI ....WETHERFUKAWI.

  3. Abundant emptiness

    Do you like the title? Well some pretentious morons might like it!! Or i could have called it "Crowded Isolation" both titles totally meaninless, but if that's what it takes to create meaningful art then that is the way it's got to be, forget the content and just give it an enigmatic/meaningless title and all of a sudden it becomes a work of art.

  4. Here are some  watercolours I have painted in the last few days..The mounts used have been cut by me on my Logan mount cutter using Daler Rowney Studland cream core Mountboard.The watercolours used were Schmincke pan and tube and also White Nights pans.Willow Tree Fen

    A quick sketch of Willow tree Fen from memory. This is painted on to Saunders Waterford 140lbs rough. The image is 11.5" x 8.5" in a 14"x10" frame. Painted in about 7 minutes

    somewhere nice

    "Somewhere Nice". Painted from imagination. This is painted on to Saunders Waterford 140lbs rough. The image is 12.5" x9.5", the frame is 15"x12".

    peaceful lake

    "Peaceful Lake".  Once again from the imagination. This one is painted on to Bockingford 250lbs NOT.  Image is 12.5" x 9.5" frame is 15" x 12". It looks like I have posted this pic twice "Ah Well" I do like this one so I will leave it.

  5. img_0718

    Just a little pic to show off white nights full pan paints, they may not be the very best, but they are a very good quality for a third to a quarter of the price of other artists quality paints. Have just discovered Schmincke whole pans and they are absolutely brilliant.

    Just seen a totally rubbish piece of artwork with paint slopped onto a surface of some sort, and the artist said amongst other things,"juxtaposition,paradoxical, interactive laterally, unconscious sublimal reaction", and so on and so on, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. the synopsis with the picture should have been I can't paint so i'll rabbit on with total bullshit and I will call it "What a load of fucking crap" by ####### And all you pretentious twats out there who think it is good go and get rogered by a ragged rivet......