I was born in 1941 in Wisbech Cambridgeshire. After serving an apprenticeship at F Perkins diesel engine company in Peterborough I decided the indoor life was not suiting me, so I joined the Royal air Force.  

After serving 9 years I left and spent roughly 25 years working for British Aerospace and other aircraft companies all over the world.

When I got fed up travelling I decided to start my own fork lift repair service and sales in partnership with my Cousin Eric, after that venture I finished my fixing things career at the Port of Sutton Bridge where I worked on anything that needed fixing from huge heavy lift cranes to a toilet door.

I retired in 2006 and started painting in 2007 by going to the Harold Williams class/group in the Lincolnshire art Gallery.

I tried all mediums, settling on oils, finding watercolours too difficult. There were periods where I might go for a couple of months where I did not touch a brush.

I was never a prolific painter until early 2016 when I discovered that the difficult medium of watercolour was also extremely rewarding when occasionally things went right.

So the next step was to concentrate solely on watercolours and try to get the occasional success a more permanant happening.

Update:- Now concentrating on oils again. hopefully going to do some work that is a little different for me. 

Update Mk2:- now back to watercolours!!!